Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Coaching & Giving Feedback

Code - BC-201 Duration - 2 Days

Today’s manager or supervisor is expected to be a coach, a leader and often a friend. They are expected to have ‘honest conversations’, be ‘emotionally intelligent’ and to give criticism in an impartial manner. To meet these challenges they need to have excellent communication skills, be self-aware and non-judgmental, while maintaining a business-like approach.


This practical course addresses these demands. Attendees will learn how coaching and a structured approach to giving feedback can help them improve their own and their team’s performance though effective and clear communication.


Attendees will give coaching sessions (using The GROW Model) and feedback sessions based on real-life scenarios to practice the skills learned. These skills can also be applied to situations such as giving appraisals, interviewing, participating in meetings or day-to-day business communication.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who has been assigned a coaching role
  • Anyone involved in appraisals or giving feedback
  • Those who want to develop advanced people-to-people communication skills

Attendees will learn

  • How to build Rapport for better communication
  • How to Listen and Question to understand what others really mean
  • How to approach giving Feedback or offering Criticism
  • How to communicate in a confident and controlled manner

Course Content


  • Management Fundamentals
  • The Role of the Manager or Supervisor
  • When to be a Coach, a Leader or a Manager

Communication Fundamentals

  • How We Process Information
  • Understanding Others with Sensory Acuity
  • Establishing & Maintaining Rapport

Core Communication Skills

  • Effective Listening
  • Levels of Listening
  • Clarification & Questioning

Communicating Through Coaching

  • Coaching Defined
  • Coaching with The GROW Model
  • When to Use Coaching

Giving Feedback

  • Why Giving Feedback causes Problems
  • A ‘Giving Feedback’ Method
  • Positive Vs Critical Feedback Approaches

Having Honest Conversations

  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Communicating With Confidence

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