Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Leading & Supervising Teams

Course Code - BC-203 Duration - 2 Days

Making the move into a supervisory, team leading or management role can be demanding. It needs new skills, so that you can get results through other people - particularly important if the new 'reports' were previously team colleagues until a recent point in time.


Team Leads or Supervisors must manage the day to day front line business challenges while being a leader, a coach and a colleague. They are expected to have 'honest conversations', be 'emotionally intelligent' and to give criticism in an impartial manner.


To meet these challenges they need to be able motivate and engage others to achieve results; to have excellent communication skills; be self-aware and non-judgmental, while maintaining a business-like approach.


This practical course addresses these demands. The course is designed to be as practical as possible. The format includes individual and group practice, role-play and input from the course leader.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is new to, or will soon be in Team Lead or Supervisor role. The course will also benefit anyone who has been in the role for some time and requires an insight to current thinking.

Learning Outcomes

On Completion Delegates Will Be Able To

  • Identify the key Leader-Manager elements in a supervisory role / team leading role.
  • Understand the importance of clear communication to the supervisory role / team leading role.
  • Develop tools and techniques that can be used to plan, control and deliver work with and through the actions of other people.

Course Content

Understanding The Role(s)

  • Introductions And Course Objectives
  • The nature of managerial work
  • What is Management, Leadership, Coaching & Supervision
  • The Qualities Of 'Leader-Managers'
  • The Core Competencies
  • The Main Challenges

Leading & Motivating Your Team

  • Developing Your Leadership Style
  • An Understanding Of 'Motivation'
  • The Psychological Contract
  • Effective & Motivational Delegation
  • Leading & Motivating Through Change

Dealing With Conflict

  • Sources of Conflict
  • Common Features of Conflict
  • Staff Conflict: The Options
  • Addressing Interests and Needs
  • A Managerial Mediation Approach

Managing The Review or Appraisal

  • The Purpose of a Review / Appraisal
  • Structure of The Review / Appraisal
  • Format & Documentation

Communication Fundamentals

  • How We Process Information
  • Levels Of Listening
  • Effective Questioning Skills
  • Clarification & Understanding
  • Building Rapport

Coaching & Joint Problem Solving

  • Coaching Defined & Coaching Skills
  • Coaching & Mentoring: The Difference
  • Coaching with The GROW Model
  • When to Use Coaching / Mentoring

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • How Emotional Intelligence Can Support The Leadership Role
  • Understanding & Managing Stress

Having Honest Conversations

  • Giving Feedback or Criticism
  • Clarifying Expectations
  • A Framework for Effective Feedback

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