Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Selling & Account Management

Course Code - BC-300 - 3 Days

Selling & Account Development in competitive, structured-buying market sectors is now more complex than ever. More and more sales organisations (which include product leaders) are being forced to ‘chase’ their own markets. Account, Territory and Regional Managers now realise that the sales techniques previously employed need to be more focused and effective to address the real requirements of the buyer.


This programme is a highly focused approach to selling and centres on the current business development issues that confront sales personnel in relation to further developing and growing their existing accounts, territories and market.


The overall programme will emphasise the professional, people-to-people elements of selling - Advanced Communication Skills, Building (and maintaining) Relationships, Sales Planning and Pipeline Development, Projecting the Company ‘Brand’ and understanding the importance of being seen as ‘The Trusted Advisor’ and ‘order makers’ rather then ‘order takers’.

Attendees Will Learn How To:

  • Account and Sales Managers who have a remit for sales performance;
  • Those about to move into selling ;
  • those who are currently selling but have had no formal sales training; 
  • Those with sales experience and who wish to revise their skills levels; 
  • Those whose role is to support the sales process within an organisation.



Selling Products or Services-The Challenge

  • The Changing Role of the Salesperson
  • The Purpose & The Objective of Selling
  • Being Seen As The ‘Trusted Advisor’
  • Selling Your Company ‘Brand’

The Buying/Selling Process

  • The Buyer’s Cycle
  • The Salesperson’s Response
  • The ‘Short’ Sale V The ‘Complex’ Sale
  • The Professional Sales Call

Your Market Approach

  • Understanding Your Impact Selling Points
  • Value Statement Libraries
  • Juran’s ‘Truth’

Analysis, Prospecting and Qualification

  • Customer Profiling and…….
  • Understanding Buyer(s) Motives
  • Prospecting Techniques
  • Qualification & Assessment

Selling to ‘Different’ Customer Types

  • Buyer Types/Buyer Motives
  • Deciding on Your Response
  • Personal Motivation/Response To Buyer

Decision Criteria  (Why ‘buyers’ Buy)

  • How To Influence The Decision Process
  • Organisational Needs V  Buyer Needs
  • Handling Customer Concerns

Professional Negotiating (Win-Win)

  • Professional Negotiating
  • Why Do Negotiations Fail
  • Who Has The ‘Power’ – Buyer Or Seller
  • The Psychology Of Bargaining

Managing The Closing Stages Of The Sales Process

  • Managing The Buyer’s Concerns
  • How Important Is It?
  • Overcoming Last Minute Hurdles
  • The Fear of Rejection

Managing Your Sales Activity

  • The Sales Funnel
  • Pipeline Management/Forecasting
  • 4 Keys to Sales Effectiveness

Advanced Sales Communication Skills

  • Understanding Communication Skills
  • Working With The Buyer’s Perception      
  • Questioning/Listening
  • The ‘SPI’ Questioning Technique

Writing Winning Responses

  • Responding To ITTs, RFPs RFQs
  • The Fundamentals Of  Response Impact  
  • Responding To Decision Criteria
  • Writing For Different Buyer ‘Types’
  • The Financial Buyer
  • The Product Buyer
  • The User Buyer
  • Others?

Account Development Strategies (ADS)

  • Factors That Affect Account Management
  • The Account Relationship – The Trusted Advisor
  • Develop Strategies That Maximise Your Market
  • Penetrating and Protecting Your Existing Accounts
  • How To Up-Sell To Your Accounts

Time Management for Sales People

  • Why Are Some Sales People So Effective ‘Time’?
  • The Urgent/Important Matrix (Covey Principles)
  • Techniques To Avoid Procrastination
  • Planning Sales Activities
  • Using ‘Qualification’ To 'Create' More Selling Time


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