Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Effective Sales Management

Course Code - BC-301 Duration - 2 Days

Critical success within any sales organisation is dependent upon effective sales management and the ability to communicate the function and role of'A Sales Manager' in a confident and professional manner.


To be successful in today's highly competitive markets, everyone involved in the sales function of any market focused organisation needs to perform at the highest level of potential - this is where strategic sales management needs to be effectively put into place and to be communicated to everyone in a professional way.


  • Understand the key skills needed for an effective sales management function
  • To develop confidence and emphasis through communicating effectively with the sales force
  • Apply the new understanding to their own organisation's culture and management style

On Completion You Will Be Able To

  • Develop a better understanding on the current thinking about sales management techniques and effectiveness
  • Understand their own sales management style
  • Communicate their role in an effective and professional manner to both senior management and direct sales staff
  • To increase sales achievement through a better sales structure and management procedure
  • Increase market share and revenues from existing accounts

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who, as part of their role needs to manage sales staff directly or the sales function of their organisation in a dynamic and professional manner.

Course Content

Revisit the Management Basics

  • The scope of the sales manager's role
  • Adapting the role to your organisation's culture
  • Managing vs. Leading

Team Motivation

  • Building on peoples' basic needs
  • The individual within the team
  • Target setting and attainment through people

Planning & Managing your Time

  • Jurans 'truth'
  • Urgent vs. Important
  • Knowing what your job is - and isn't
  • Controlling your environment

Communication Skills

  • Influencing vs. Threat
  • Listening effectively
  • Using question to control
  • The written word

Setting Targets & Appraisals

  • Territory vs. Product Responsibilities
  • Account responsibilities
  • Appraising to motivate

Operational & Strategic Management

  • Understanding the difference
  • Planning for success
  • Managing within the overall strategy

Management Reporting

  • Developing systems that everyone understands
  • Individual reviews
  • Effective forecasting - you and your staff

Influencing & Negotiating Skills

  • Planning your Position
  • Giving and Getting
  • Getting to Win/Win

The 'Meeting' Process

  • Planning and Setting the Agenda
  • Getting contribution from everyone
  • Ensuring Effective Follow Up Action is taken

Practical Sessions

A series of individual and group activities to consolidate the key skills introduced during the course, with individual Action Plans


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