Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Major Account Development Strategies

Course Code - BC-303 - 2 Days

Major Account Development Strategies' is an advanced course that examines day-to-day and strategic sales issues within very competitive markets. It addresses attitudes to new customer/existing account development and how to 'maximise' business potential by developing professional concepts and strategies for improved selling. In other words, it teaches sales people to be professional business partners with their customers.


The objectives of the course are to build on the current critical selling skills of your staff and to provide them with the concepts and strategies for improved (and more professional) selling to existing customer accounts. The course also shows how this approach can be critical even after the first 'cold call' to a potential new account thereby creating the best chance for new account gain.


Improvements for your salesforce

  • Increased revenues from existing accounts

  • Better control over the sales cycle

  • Increased confidence with advanced selling strategies

  • Greater motivation for experienced salespeople looking for further challenges

Improvements for your customers

  • Continuity of account relationship with a supplier that understands business reality
  • Products and services that address the buyers business development plans
  • Increased market share and protection of existing share

Improvements for your organisation

  • Increased profit
  • Better motivated salesforce
  • Common strategy for sales and marketing staff
  • Increased market profile
  • Increased professionalism
  • Recognising buyer perceptions and behaviour
  • The personal/business decision sales factors
  • Creative planning for customer requirements
  • Strategic market penetration and account protection
  • Partnership selling with long-term objectives
  • Proactive control over the sales cycle
  • Confidence building through advanced strategies
  • Motivation building and competitive understanding
  • Strategies for increased revenues
  • Increasing your company profile
  • Increasing your professionalism

Course Content

Needs & Relationships

  • Recognise personal needs that affect buyer perceptions and behaviour
  • Understand how customers needs are expressed
  • Recognise the personal and business decision factors in the selling process
  • Anticipate and plan for customer requirements

Tactical Selling & Account Development

  • Analyse opportunities, information and uncover potential for your products and services
  • Develop your customer's awareness and understanding of their own needs and opportunities for your products
  • Shape solutions and commitments to help develop increased sales

Planning Processes

  • Determine the factors - plus and minus - that affect the outcome of your sales
  • Develop strategies that maximise your market penetration and protect your existing accounts
  • How to sell in partnership with each account contact, establish calls and long term business objectives for non-accounts - and to plan further for the major accounts

Video-Based Case Study

The ADS programme uses a very well developed video based case study that centre on two people who sell complex IT systems and solutions and how they go about their job. The problems they encounter and the skills they have to develop are very real and stimulating to the attendees.


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