Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Advanced Sales Communication Skills Using NLP

Course Code - BC-306 Duration - 2 Days

Despite the different product and services involved, and even the many factors that affect different sector selling, the sales process is a people business.


Ultimately in all sales processes we have to deal with people and depend on them for our success. We can achieve more by improving our communicating and influencing abilities during the sales process.


This course explores and practices the skills sales professionals need to work with and through others. It introduces participants to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - advanced communication skills used as a platform to understand and influence others and in particular your customers.


  • Gain greater awareness of the various filters to communication and what to do to minimise them so that communication is clearly understood by all.
  • Understand what motivates yourself and others.
  • Develop awareness as to how others make 'sense' of their world.
  • Understand how they communicate to themselves and how this affects stress levels and interactions with others.
  • Have skills and techniques to influence this 'internal communication'.


Course Content

The Fundamental To The Communication Process

  • The Filters to Communication - How do they affect the sales process?
  • What are you paying attention to during a selling session? What are you missing?
  • How your State of Mind Affects your Communication
  • How to Influence your State of Mind
  • How to Influence your Internal Self Talk
  • How your Body Affects your State of Mind
  • How to use your Body more Effectively

Understanding how The Customer Makes 'Sense' Of their World

  • How do we Represent the World to Ourselves?
  • What Clues do others Give you?
  • What do their Gestures and Voice Tone Reveal?
  • 'Whole Body' Communicating
  • Developing your Ability to Respond to Information you Receive

The Power of Verbal Persuasion

  • Gathering Information to Use When Influencing
  • Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations in Language
  • How to Recognise them
  • How to ask Precision Questions to Work with them
  • What is a Person's Motivation Strategy?
  • How to use your Language to Influence others

Introduction to Win/Win Negotiating

  • The Process of Win/Win Negotiation - What is it?
  • WIN/win or win/WIN - Why Use It?
  • The Role Of Negotiating different business contexts

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