Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Writing Winning Proposals

Course Code: BC-406 Duration - 1 Day

Writing Winning Proposals is a very practical, focused workshop aimed at developing an understanding of the skills needed to write proposals that are going to be read by the reader, understood by the reader and help ensure that you gain the business arguement.


The course is ‘Instructor Led’ giving a very pragmatic approach to what is often seen as ‘a necessary evil’. A number of specific types of proposals are examined with a particular focus on creating professional, clear and informative proposals that reflect the request of the customer or requester — and which are going to be read by the reader.

On Completion You Will Be Able To

  • Create a logical, well-argued structure of the various levels of proposals and quotations
  • Write clear sales points for clarity and with greater ease
  • Make use of the conventions applicable to written business communications
  • Use layout effectively and page formatting for greater impact
  • Use punctuation correctly
  • Avoid the most common forms of grammatical errors

Course Content

The Proposal Response

The Fundamentals — Developing, Shaping For The Reader

  • Understanding The Writing Cycle
  • Who Are The Readers
  • Analyse The Real Request
  • Individual or Team Approach

The Mechanics Of Producing A Proposal

  • Developing The Structure Of Your Proposal
  • The Importance Of The Executive Summary
  • The First Two Minutes Will Make Or Break
  • Impact Words and Impact Statements
  • Building Your Case — and selling benefits
  • The Draft — How To Use It

How To Get Your Proposal Read

  • Using The Basic Features Of A Report
  • The Summary: Organising Main Points
  • Structuring Proofs

Mastering The Proposal Structure

  • The Structure Of A Long Proposal
  • The 4 Golden Rules
  • The Conclusions And Recommendations

Developing Documentation

  • Planning A Strategy
  • Editing Conventions
  • Proofing Your Documentation

Tips, Techniques and Quality Image

  • Making Reading Easy
  • Writing The Impact Paragraph
  • Techniques to keep the customer reading
  • Editing For Emphasis and professionalism
  • Quotation page layout

Checking the details

  • Using Punctuation Correctly
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes in Grammar

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