Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Fundamentals for Perl Programming

Course Code - IB-102 Duration - 1 Day

This hands-on course gives those with limited programming experience, an introduction to basic programming constructs used in the Perl language.


The course provides prerequisite knowledge for the course 'Perl Programming & Applications' ('IB-103') for those without experience in a C-like language.


The course covers program structuring and fundamental programming constructs: input and output, variables, conditional processing, loops and subroutines. In particular, it explains how these constructs are implemented in Perl.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to attend the course 'Perl Programming & Applications' ('IB-103') and who does not have experience in any language that uses C-like syntax such as C, C++, Java or JavaScript.


Programmers who have experience in languages such as Visual Basic, Pascal or Delphi are well-advised to attend this course prior to attendance on 'Perl Programming & Applications' ('IB-103').


Previous programming experience in any structured language is required.

Course Content


  • Perl as a practical language
  • Perl applications and capabilities
  • Perl flavours

Program structure

  • Comments
  • Basic syntactical elements
  • Compound statements
  • Function format
  • Basic output function.print

Data types

  • Integers, floats, strings
  • Standard input, output and error
  • Keyboard input
  • Scalar variables/assignment
  • Variable scooping

Expressions & operators

  • Creating expressions using operators
  • Operator-like conversion functions
  • Associativity and precedence
  • Automatic data conversion
  • Simple string functions

Control structures 1

  • Relational expressions
  • Conditional processing
  • if and if.else
  • unless
  • elsif
  • Compound tests

Control structures 2

  • Looping: while and until
  • Simple subroutines
  • do while and do until
  • for loops

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